Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Fall Fall

It's been awhile since my last post. Things are always busy here. I wonder if anyone reads this?

The fall plantings are coming up pretty well. Oasis turnips, Long Standing Bloomsdale Spinach, Lacinato and Red Russian Kale, Wild Argula, Red Giant Mustard and Georgia Southern Collard Greens are all doing well. The Over the Rainbow and St. Valery Carrots are starting to come up. The Harris Model Parsnips take forever to come up. Calabrese and Arcadia Brocolli have been planted along with Romanesco. Des Vertus Savoy and Mammoth Red Rock cabbage, Lettuce, and Falstaff Red Brussel Sprouts need to be transplanted. Oh yeah and Bleu De Solaize leeks need to be planted as well. Last week I planted 20 lbs. of Music Garlic.

The Muscade de Provence pumpkins are doing really well. I've picked 5 so far. There's lots more to come. The biggest one so far is 30lbs!

I'm starting to pick wild persimmons. Last week I picked a quart and a half. Many people think that you have to wait till it frosts to eat them, but that's not true. At least here in Alabama they start ripening at the end of September. About two weeks ago we temperatures in the 40s and that helped to sweeten them. Persimmons do get even better after a frost.