Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Farm Update

     Little Savannah (in Birmingham) will be featuring the herbs and wild edibles of Hollow Spring Farm at their Community Farm Table Dinner this Wednesday!  We look forward to tasting the wonderful creations from the chefs there!  Yesterday I went out to camp out at the farm in order to rise and shine early and do some much needed weeding out at the farm.  When the weather is especially dry like it has been, it is more important than ever to weed and mulch your crops.  Remember to conserve water during this dry time, too.  If you water your lawn, do it early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid evaporation and water waste.  Today we also picked the garlic that will be used for planting next year's garlic as part of the "seed saving" efforts.  Summer foraging class dates coming soon; it has just been so hot, we are hesitant to put any dates on the books.  We will keep you posted.  Thanks again to all of you for your ongoing support!
Have a great week!