Wednesday, April 10, 2013

In season now!

Wisteria- Only the flowers are edible. Everything else is poisonous.

English Plantain- The seed heads taste like mushrooms. Cook them.

 Redbud- The flowers are edible. They do not not taste like much, but sure are pretty!

Wild Lettuce- Looks like dandelion, but has hairs along the mid-rib. Mild bitterness with classic lettuce flavor and crunch. My favorite Spring salad green.

 Curly Dock- The best part of the plant is the stem. Get it before it starts to form a flower bud. Peel the stem. Crunchy like celery. Delicious raw or cooked. Not every plant tastes great. Any red on a plant means it is going to be bad bitter.

 Blue Violet- Use the flowers in salads or candy them. The leaves are also edible. They have a mild peppery-ness  and a chewy texture. Do not take too many leaves.

 Field Mustard- The blooms are the best part. Classic raw brassica flavor.

 Field Garlic- Use the tops like chives. Onion flavor with hint of garlic.


Field Garlic- The bottoms are tiny. Perfect for pickling.

Virginia Pine- The needles are more fragrant than any other around. Citrusy, Piney, Grapefruit, Pomelo. Infuse them into liquids.