Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Food Inc.

I'm not sure where to begin.  I first heard about Food Inc., the movie several months ago.  My first thought was oh cool.   I thought it would be kind of similar to King Corn or some of the other documentaries out there.  But I think Food Inc., stands out from the others by addressing labor and business practices of big agribusiness.  

The movie was screened here in Birmingham Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Word on the street is that there was an overwhelming show of support for the movie.  In fact Sunday when I went, was sold out.  The room was packed with anticipation.  Just as those seats were starting to get uncomfortable the movie was over.  The screen came up and there was the panel to discuss those burning questions everyone had.  The panel was made up of a professor from Montevallo, Edwin Marty of Jones Valley Urban Farm, Kathy Crenshaw, Chris Dupont of Cafe Dupont, and a Professor from UAB who was a pediatrician.  The q and a session went well and then on to the food!  The food was made by Cafe Dupont and Bottletree.  

I think the event went well.  Listen up Birmingham!  The sky is the limit to what we can do here.  Now it's up to us to make it happen.  Yes we can!

Chili de Arbol Peppers

Winter Savory

Anise Hyssop