Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Available this week

Hollow Spring Farm


Please let me know before 4pm Tuesday if you would like to get some of these Wednesday evening. You can also order by 4pm Thursday for items that you can pick up at the Pepper Place Market on Saturday. 


This week’s special announcement:


The Farm Table at Little Savannah will feature

Hollow Spring Farm, Tuesday, Sept. 1st, 2009


 The evening focuses on three key things: the diverse local ingredients that thrive with our local farmers in Alabama, the creativity that goes into preparing these ingredients in the kitchen, and the bond that is created through sharing a table together.


Reservations are required and only 20 seats are available.

Call 205.591.1119, and be sure to specify that you want the Community Farm Table.


$35 for four courses of family-style food (plus tax and 18% gratuity).

Drinks are not included, but come early for $5 cocktails at the bar and on the patio.

Bar opens at 5pm.


 Provider Green Beans $3/lb


 Mixed Bouquets of Zinnias, Comsos, and Sunflowers- $5/ bunch (also can do bunches of just Zinnias or Sunflowers).


 Green Peppers- $1/each


 Carmello Red Peppers- $2/each or $3/lb  Long frying type that is sweet


 Super Red Ruffled Peppers $2/each or $3/lb - Small sweet pepper that is good for stuffing


 Fresh herbs $3/bunch

·         Thyme

·         Lemon Basil

·         Lime Basil   

·         Marjoram

·         Rosemary

·         Garden Sage


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