Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I live to weed

The wild arugula has been weeded now.  It badly needed it.  The wild arugula is under remay which is a floating row cover.  The remay protects the arugula from flea beetles which can devastate arugula or any other leafy brassica.  Remay lets air, sunlight, and rain in.  It also offers some frost protection depending on the thickness of the material.  Sometimes when you put remay over something you tend to forget about it a little.  You don't see the weeds growing.  So you lift it up to check on the arugula and you are taken aback by the forest of weeds growing.  So then you have to do some hand weeding.

Weeding is something that people dislike for some reason.  I however love to.  The plants definitely thank you.  Weeding for me is meditative.  I kneel or squat down and focus everything on the weeds.  Getting your hands dirty, busting clods of dirt off weeds, and seeing the row of arugula take shape is awesome.  Getting my hands in the earth, getting them dirty is therapeutic.  Weeding is Zen like.  

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