Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Past time

Yeah I know.  I'm such a slacker about updating this.  I'm going to make it a point of posting something everyday.  Whether it's my own writing or from around the web.

The winter was very tough here.  The first killing frost didn't come until Christmas.  Then January and February were really cold.  And then March was warm!  I had not done any serious gardening in the winter time before.  I know now what it takes to grow during the winter here.  More row covers,  hoops under the remay, and I definitely see a high tunnel or two in the future.

Spring has been strange.  What little we have of it now.  It's been warm and wet.  Unusually warm.  But everything is doing well.  This year there is more growing.  There's Skunk-yo semi long, French breakfast, and icicle radishes, Bleu de solaize leeks, Sugarsnaps, Mammoth Melting Snowpeas, Green Arrow peas, Bright Lights Chard, Red Russian Kale, Tyee and Long Standing Bloomsdale Spinach, Montebianco Fennel, Bouquet Dill, Jantar Cilantro, Chioggia Beets, Bachelor Buttons, Wild Arugula, Calabrese and Arcadia Broccoli, Des Vertus Savoy and Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage, La Ratte and German Butterball potatoes and Music Garlic.  The radishes haven't seemed to like the warm weather we had in March, but are otherwise doing fine.

My dad and I built a little mini-greenhouse on to the side of the shop.  Aunt Lillian's, Lilliput, Orange Banana, and Aunt Ruby's German Green tomato seedlings are doing well.  As well as Jimmy Nardello and Padron peppers, Anise Hyssop, Winter Savory, and Wormwood seedlings.

The animals are doing well.  We finished up a new goat shelter for the goats dow by the mulberry tree.  The goats love their new area.

There's so much going on right now.

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